Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today I asked my mom if I could have my own PayPal account, and guess what? She flipped out, yelling at me what I wanted to buy. All I said was I wanted my own PayPal, and that I had enough money for a Busou Shinki I want, in fact I had enough money for two, but instead, she flipped out as if I had asked if I could have sex! I think she thinks that I would buy too much and they'd have to pay for it all. I'm not that stupid!!! Sheesh, I think she should loosen up and let me have a PayPal account, because I am old enough for one, responsible enough for one, but yet she distrusts me because I'm 13 (Going to be 14 soon, on September 17th). It's not fair. I want to have some responsiblity with my own money, but yet I'm denited the chance to. I can't believe that she wouldn't get it, despite the fact I'm old enough for a bank account!!! What's her problem!? I'm old enough, but yet she won't trust me for just one stinkin' PayPal account!? She trusts me for other things, but not just a PayPal?! I have enough money for two Busou Shinkis, yet she doesn't believe me!!! Why!? I want some freedom and responsiblity for my own money!!! God!!! I have a couple hundreds in the bank, and yet she doesn't let me have my own PayPal!!!!

Is it because you dont even have a PayPal, mom? What reason gives you to decide if I can get a PayPal, besides being my mother!?

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