Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm in a emotional slump right now. I found out I have pissed someone off and that she's mad at me right now. One of my friends, who's also a friend of her, I have asked to talk to her about it. I'm just so sorry about it. I shouldn't have said anything about it at all. I'm frikking sorry, I didn't mean it, and I'm just a big son of a *censored*. And here are some of my friends that will share the blog with me.

The name's Raike, and I'm the one who encouraged Drem here to do what he did. He's very sorry, and so am I. So sorry there bud.

The name's Damian, and like Raike I encouraged Drem too. I share some of the blame like Raike and Drem, so blame me too.

And I'm Rokare. I was the only one against the whole thing, but Drem was too pressured to do what he did. So we're all sorry.

And all in all, if you're the person I angered and is reading this, than I am sorry a thousand times. I'll even apologize on the comic I make on TFW2005.

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