Wednesday, August 13, 2008


All I asked my parents was to have a PayPal account, and guess what? They yelled at me for just thinking of getting one!!!!!!!! They acted as if I committed a unholy ritual and summoned Satan!!!!! I just want to use my own money, and they acted as if I was a spawn of the devil's own flesh!!!! I'm trustworthy, I know when to save my money, how to spend it, and what to do with it, and yet they think I'm just a 6-yr. old, in a candy store with a million dollars!!!!

I think it's unfair that they won't let me have a PayPal account!! A stinkin' PayPal account!!! I think most kids that are becoming 14 or are 14 have one, and my parents think that I should get one when I'm freakin' 100!!! I don't care about anything else!!!!

Is it because I have more B's than anyone else in our family!? Is it because I'm the third boy in the family!? If not, than why!? I get good grades, better than the average student, and you think you all can be all high-and-mighty on me by letting the others do what they want, but not me!? GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!! And don't you all think the same!? All of you, thinking you're superior and smarter than I am, when you all are just damn asses!!!! I don't care if I'm not badmouthing too much, I think you all have a superiority complex!!!!

I think you all have no damn clue what I had to go through each damn day of my life!!! Having to keep telling people to leave me alone, and being ignored when I asked them to stop. Having to deal with asses who call themselves smarter than I am because I was younger than them, and being called names!!! You all think you know my life, but you don't!!! You all think that I'm easy to push around, and teased, but I'm not!!! I'll show you all who's better and who's not!!! I show you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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